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Another Kaylee post

I read my Friend's List daily, but seldom post unless I have a brag about my dogs.

November has been a good month for my Kaylee. November 5 she turned 3 years old. The previous day she earned her Flyball Champion title. November 10-11 she took the points as Winners Bitch; on the 11th she also took Best of Breed and completed her AKC breed championship. I now share my home with CH Crossraguel Que Lista RN FDCH CGC. Hopefully obedience titles, field titles, and more Rally and flyball titles will be coming in the future. We're certainly going to try, anyway.

I had a picture taken with her handler and the judge, but it hasn't been posted yet so I can't post it here. She's the pretty Liver girl in the post prior to this one, though.
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