Theresa (zubiemom) wrote,

Wanna see something pretty?

Last month, I had Flyer's portrait done while we were at the Reliant Series of Dog Shows. At 10 1/2 she still looks pretty good!

She is officially known as CH U-CD Crossraguel Exuberant Flyer CD RN ONYX. Her lack of advanced obedience and rally titles is entirely my fault, and we are working on changing that, as well as continuing her flyball career.

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Deleted comment

Come visit us in Houston; she's always happy to meet new friends! But if he's hoping fr romance he's outta luck - she's spayed.

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8 years ago

She's a classic beauty!
That she is!
She's so pretty! What a wonderful portrait!
I could never take such a good shot. That's why I let the professional do it! Solid black dogs usually end up just black blobs when I take the picture.
She's gorgeous! :D
Thank you! She's the best thing to ever happen to me.
She's beautiful!
Thanks. She really is lovely, isn't she? (Says her very objective human.)
Really beautiful. Lovely dog and the photography is first-rate, too.
I wish I could have this photographer come over and shoot all of my girls. He's really brilliant.
Oh my goodness, that (and she!) is just gorgeous!
Beautiful girl! :-) [hugs]
Thank you!
Wow, she is a beautiful dog!!
I'm really proud of my old girl!
She's so beautiful and looks so intelligent (which we know she is). Seeing how good that pic looks makes me want to have some done of our dogs.
She is a smart girl. You're hanging out at dog shows now; look for The Winning Image booth at some of the larger shows. They're really good!
I love this picture of her. She is so gorgeous.